About the Club

"It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question".

Questions are what life is full of! Also it's truly said,"A question can change your Life"
Asking questions makes one to look for answers and making it easy to understand .
The Swami Vivekanand Library,Bhopal is forming a quiz club which aims at increasing the student's intrest in quizzing field and creating opportunities to sharpen their quizzing skills.It will act as an active interest group which will aim to promote the culture of quizzing in Bhopal and provide a platform to bring all the quizzers of the city together.
The quiz club would be holding it's meeting on a fixed day every month,where heathly discussions would be held between the members and quizzes will be conducted by the members of the club.The club would be having memebers of every age group and hence wide level of experiences and knowledge can be gained through the discussions.
This is first ever club aiming for the betterment of quizzing culture in the city and you can be the founder member of the club and can take up major role in it's functioning.Quizzing culture has very low profile in Bhopal and the quizzes are limited to college level festivals or somenal quizzes in some selected schools only.
Here at the quiz club,the members will create and conduct quizzes on topics of their choices.In this way,knowledge will be shared on varied topics.This will be very helpful for students as:
They may participate in quizzes of differnt fields.
They will have an idea about the style of various quizzes held in major cities.
Becoming a Member.
You can become a member by registering at the library desk.Also you can mail your complete profile to juniormanager.svl@gmail.com.
The membership is free of cost and open to all.