Monday, May 3, 2010

Smart Quiz 2#10 (3rd May 2010)

Smart Quiz 2#10
Global Warming

1.Which two islands of India have gone under due to Global warming?
2.Villages of which state of India are disappearing under water due to Global warming?
3.Which coast of India is affected more by global warming - east or west and why?
4.How much has the world warmed in last 100 years and how much is predicted in next 100 years?
5.Which compound is expected to be eliminated by 2030 to reduce global warming?
Quiz prepared by: Dr. Arneet Arora
Quiz Coordinator: Tulika Shree

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1. Two islands in the Sunderbans, an area which India shares with Bangladesh. Temperatures in the group of islands has already gone up by one degree centigrade.

2. Village after village in Orissa’s coastal Kendrapara district vanishes into the Bay of Bengal, one thing is clear: sea levels are rising …the state’s geographical location at the head of the Bay of Bengal, with a landlocked sea and a deltaic plain, makes the state extremely vulnerable to rises in sea level caused by global warming.

3. East coast of India is affected more because the Bay of Bengal is landlocked from three sides and there is a huge delta of the rivers Brahmaputra and the Ganga. These rivers will carry the water from the melting Himalayan snows. This does not mean that the western coastal regions are immune, but that the eastern coast is more vulnerable at this stage.

4. The world has warmed by 0.5 degC over the past century and an average 2 degC warming is predicted by 2100.

5. Chlorofluorocarbons are expected to be eliminated and put out of use by 2030 to help slow down global warming.