Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Smart Quiz2 #11

 Smart quiz 2 #11
Public Transport

1.When did the first bus run?

2.When were first passengers carried in an aircraft?

3.When and where was the first subway built?

4. Identify the means of transport: 

5. Where would you found these two:

Quiz prepared by: Dr. Arneet Arora
Quiz Coordinator: Tulika Shree

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1. The first bus was set in motion in 1662, at the initiative of Blaise Pascal.

2. Air Transportation was born in 1910 with the first line of airships to undertake carriage of passengers, built by Ferdinand von Zeppelin.

3. In 1863 in London was built the first subway in the world.

4. This vehicle is a pride of Bangkok (Thailand), famously called Tuk-Tuk. One need to bargain before boarding the scooter.

5. Motorcycle Taxi
Baht bus

In Pattaya City (Thailand), they have these types of small vehicles known as Baht Bus to carry passenger. They also have a very good system of Motorcycle Taxi.